'Show Dependencies' setting in upgraded saved view is not working
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'Show Dependencies' setting in upgraded saved view is not working


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The View Options toggle for Showing Dependencies on the Tasks Timeline is not working on an existing saved view after an upgrade. This does not affect all Saved Views. It looks like the lines should show as the option to show dependencies is selected, but you cannot see the dependency link for project tasks. When you select predecessors in the project task timeline, the dependency link does not appear in the timeline graph. Toggling it on and off does not do anything. If you switch to another view or go back to the Standard View, the option is working. 


  1. Create a Saved view on the Tasks Timeline (pre-15.9.3) 
  2. Upgrade the Clarity application to 15.9.3 
  3. Use the saved view created pre-15.9.3. You will see the Dependencies do not show. 
  4. Try to toggle Dependencies on or off

Expected Results: The 'Show Dependencies' toggle should work on an existing saved view after the upgrade. 

Actual Results: The 'Show Dependencies' toggle does not work and you are unable to see the dependencies


Release: Clarity 15.9.3 and 16.0




Fixed in 16.0.1 and also backported in and


  1. Go to the Standard View
  2. Delete and recreate the bad view. 

Additional Information

See also: Tasks / Assignments - Master KB for known issues