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How to detect, check or audit OC user sessions - login or logout activity in UIM Operator Console 20.4


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In UIM 9.20, we used a jdbc_response probe that performed query "select count(1) as UMP_SESSION from umpSession where logout is null" to create a Value QoS. This way we could could create a report on the number of active UMP usersessions over time. We are interested into that because we like to know on what times our users are most active, and for performance reasons we do not want to exceed 20 usersessions per UMP/OC server.

I noticed that the umpSession table is not used anymore by Operator Console in UIM 20.3. So how can we monitor active usersessions over time? Does OC report active usersessions in another table? And if not, how can we reproduce this functionality?


Release : 20.3 or higher

Component : UIM - UMP

UIM 20.4, Operator Console


- guidance on how to audit, track or report on user login or logout

- PCI Compliance


In UIM 20.4, for the Operator Console, OC_SESSION table now contains the user session data.


Tested and confirmed that the user session data is provided in UIM 20.4 (Operator Console).


Additional Information

old table name-> umpSession (pre-20.3)

UIM 20.3.x - Auditing Operator Console logins

new table name-> oc_session (as of UIM 20.4 or higher)