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Ideas XOG - Cannot set value that is greater than 32 characters against Target Manager attribute


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Ideas XOG has been noticed to not accommodate more than 32 characters against the Target Manager attribute. However, it is possible to have a Username that is greater than 32 characters long. Steps to reproduce this behaviour are as below.

1. Navigate to Home -> Ideas. Pick an Idea instance and populate Target Manager attribute against it
2. Use the ideas_read.xml template from the XOG Client to obtain XOG Out of the idea from Step 1
3. Locate an attribute called "targetManagerUserName" in the XML file that is obtained
4. Change the value of this attribute to hold more than 32 characters
5. XOG IN the file now

Expected Results: The XOG IN is successful

Actual Results: The XOG IN fails with the following error. Please note that the value entered in Step 4 while replicating this issue was 42 characters long.
Error: attribute "targetManagerUserName" has a bad value: the length of the value is 42, but the required maximum is 32.


Version: Clarity 15.9.3, 16.0


This behaviour has been reported to Engineering via DE63040.


The issue is resolved and resolution will be available as part of Clarity 16.1. This field is accommodating 80 characters after the fix, instead of 32. The defect fixed in 16.1, is with Xog-in, however the UI works ok. Ideal way is to upgrade to a fixed version however as a workaround use the portlet to filter the data and then make the necessary updates via the UI.