CSV upload process in Roadmap module
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CSV upload process in Roadmap module


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Hi, we are doing the security screening with Clarity in Fed and would like to know one process. When uploading CSV file to create the roadmap, what processes run in the behind. Do you save the csv file into database or a server folder?


Release : 15.9.1

Component : Clarity Roadmaps


When. the Roadmap Import CSV process is run the actual CSV file does not get upload to the Clarity server folder or a file in the database. Only the CSV rows are getting imported, as long as we follow the instructions provided by engineering in the upload process, so the rows of data are properly imported into the rdm_roadmap tables, and specifically the rdm_roadmap_items table.


- The File must use the provided CSV template
- All values must be formatted correctly
- Note that all rows will be imported as new items