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MUX Task Finish Date in Flyout: 2nd task not updated


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In Clarity 15.9.1, when trying to change the finish date of a task on the Flyout does not always work.

You have a project with two tasks and when editing the Finish Date on the Details Flyout, changes done to the Finish Date of the first task will save, but the second task changes will be reverted back.


1. In the MUX go to any project with several tasks.

2. Go to the Tasks tab

3. On the Details Flyout, ensure the Finish Date is added.

4. Select a task on the Grid view, edit the Task Finish Date on the Flyout and change it to a different date

5. Click on the Flyout, outside the field and the date change is saved.

6. Select another task while the Flyout is open

7. Change the Finish Date and click on the Flyout outside the Finish date field

Expected Results: The Finish Date changes to be saved on the second task

Actual Results: The changes on the second task are not saved and the date is reverted to the original date


Clarity MSSQL 15.9.1


This issue is not reproducible in a non-MSSQL DB and Clarity 15.9.1

This issue is not reproducible in Clarity 15.9.2 in any DB, MSSQL included.