Roadmap Items do not sync if they are created via API
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Roadmap Items do not sync if they are created via API


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Running into an issue in syncing of imported Investments into the Roadmaps if using out-of-the-box REST API to create roadmap items. (This can be seen if using a custom process that inserts projects into the Roadmap after project creation). The projects are appearing in the correct Roadmap. However, when the roadmap sync job is run, the projects are not being updated with the underlying project information. 

The sync works for investments that are manually imported (i.e., not systematically added via a process). However, when a new Roadmap Item is inserted into a Roadmap using API, it doesn't sync properly. It appears as a linked item, but none of the attributes are being synced. 

In the bg-ca.logs, the following error is seen: CMN-0013: Value for attribute 'timelinenone_timelinepos' is out of range

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Create a new project in Clarity (In this example, project name is “testproject”)
  2. Create a new Roadmap in Clarity
  3. Use Rest API to create a roadmap item for the newly created project for the roadmap above:
  4. Verify the Roadmap Item is successfully created in Clarity
  5. Make any change to the project (IE change the project finish date from 8/23/21 to 8/25/21)
  6. Run the Roadmap sync
  7. Once the sync completes, check the Roadmap Item finish date 

Expected Results: Roadmap Item Finish date changes to 8/25/21. 

Actual Results: Roadmap Item Finish date does not update (stays as 8/23/21). 


Release : 15.9.2, 15.9.3

Component : Clarity Roadmaps 


DE62355 - If the x-api-context-id header is missed in the process script, this could cause the issue.


Fixed in Release 16.0.0 

Workaround: Expand the width of the Roadmap Item (if short), then drag the roadmap item to a fully visible spot on the timeline (the roadmap item will partially show at the top of the timeline). 

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