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Blueprints - Create From Template - Boolean attributes always default to False when creating Projects


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There is a feature to configure the attributes that get displayed when creating from Template in the Modern User Experience (UX). Boolean attributes have been observed to be not behaving as expected when configured here.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Navigate to Administration -> Objects. Filter for Project object. Navigate to "Attributes" tab
  2. Create a new attribute of Data Type Boolean. Provide an API Attribute ID so that it is visible in the Modern UX
  3. Navigate to the Modern UX -> Administration -> Blueprints
  4. Choose a Blueprint. Associate a template with that Blueprint. Make note of the template that has been associated
  5. Edit the Blueprint -> Create from Template tab. Display the Boolean attribute created in Step 2
  6. Navigate to "Properties" tab within the same Blueprint, while editing it. Display the Boolean attribute here as well
  7. Publish
  8. Navigate to Projects Grid. Click on "New From Template". Choose the template from Step 4. Click on Next
  9. Provide name of the Project. Set the Boolean attribute's value to TRUE. Click on Create
  10. Navigate to the "Properties" tab in the newly created project. Observe the value against the Boolean attribute

Expected Result: The Boolean attribute is set to TRUE

Actual Result: The Boolean attribute is set to FALSE


This is due to a defect with ID DE62333.


Version: 15.9.3


Fix to this defect is available in the following version(s):

  • 16.0.0