Roadmap Item - 'Color By' issue in View Options
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Roadmap Item - 'Color By' issue in View Options


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


In Roadmap Item, if you have a view 'A' that defaults to Timeline, then when you modify 'Swimlanes' and 'Color By' fields and switch to another view 'B' that also defaults the Timeline, you find that the 'Color By' field specified in view 'A' gets set in view 'B' as well.


1. Create a Roadmap Item and Import Projects into it.
2. Navigate to Roadmap Item Timeline page.
3. Create a New view for the page by clicking on 'Save As' link and saving under a different name EG: 'A'.
4. Repeat step three above again by clicking on 'Save As' link and saving view as 'B' to create another.
5. Both views default to Timeline page in the Roadmap.
6. Move away to Project grid page then come back to the Roadmap Item page. 
7. Display view 'A', this should default to Timeline page. In 'View Options', specify values for 'Swimlanes' and 'Color By' fields.
8. Now open and display View 'B' on the Roadmap Item. This will also display to Timeline page.
9. Click on 'View Options' configuration wheel to display 'View Options' page.

Expected Results: 'Swimlanes' and 'Color BY' fields to be blank.

Actual Results: 'Swimlanes' and 'Color BY' fields are populated by the values specified in view 'A'.


Release : 15.9.1, 15.9.2

Component : Clarity Roadmaps


This behaviour is resolved in Clarity 15.9.3 as part of an enhancements to Roadmaps