Tasks Timeline Error: 'Could not update value.' when you move or resize the 'Duration' column
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Tasks Timeline Error: 'Could not update value.' when you move or resize the 'Duration' column


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Moving or resizing columns causes a toast message Could not update value and the configuration is not saved on the Tasks Timeline. The Board and Grid configurations are okay and the Saved View will save the changes on these layouts.  The Timeline layout is not working as expected. 

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Go to the Tasks Timeline layout for a project
  2. Configure some columns - open the column panel, select some fields, close the column panel 
  3. Move the columns around, move some columns before the 'Duration' field, resize the 'Duration' field 
  4. Go to the Board layout 
  5. Go to the Grid layout 
  6. Go to the Timeline layout - you get the toast message 'Could not update value.'
  7. Now try to add more columns / close the column panel - the columns selected don't show up 
  8. Go off the page, then go back to the Timeline to add 1 field, close the column panel and all the other fields you previously select show up 

Expected Results: For the configuration to stick and no toast messages. 

Actual Results: The Tasks Timeline layout is not saved and the toast message appears. 


Clarity Release: 15.9.3




  1. To prevent the issue: Do not move or resize the Duration column.  You can remove it from the configuration and add it back in at the end, but once it is in the configuration, do not move it or resize it as it will cause this issue
  2. If you run into the issue: Click on a different project tab then go back to the Task Timeline 


  • Fixed in Release 16.0.0 
  • Fixed in Release 15.9.3 Patch #1 ( 

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