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Metrics are not clipped in Roadmaps Timeline view


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


There is an issue with Metrics getting clipped in the Roadmaps. The steps to reproduce are as below.

1. Navigate to Modern UX. Create a Roadmap
2. Import a project with Total Cost against it into the Roadmap. Display Total Cost metric against the Roadmap Item in the Timeline view
3. Move the Roadmap Item to beyond the Finish date of the Roadmap
4. Now shrink the duration of the Roadmap Item towards the finish date of the Roadmap

Expected Result: The Total Cost metric is instantly updated. This is how the product behaves in version 15.8.1

Actual Result: The Total Cost metric gets updated only after refreshing the entire tab


Version: 15.9.2


This issue is no longer reproducible in version 15.9.3.