Identify which server an operator is running on in an ITPAM cluster


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CA Process Automation Base


We have intermittent problems with an operator. Sometimes the operator runs successfully. Other times it runs with a failure. However, the process/operators run in a clustered environment. How can we identify the physical server that is running the process? 



Release : 4.3

Component : ITPAM


When a process runs on a node participating in a cluster, you can identify which physical server it ran on. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the <process status> instance of that process. 
  2. In the "Dataset" dropdown menu on the right, select the name of the process instance (example below: run_shell_3635)
  3. Then expand the System folder and locate the 'NodeName' variable.
    This is the physical server where all of the operators ran - unless an operator is specifically configured to run on a different touchpoint - via Execution Settings -> Target.