Total Actuals do not match in Staff Module or Classic
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Total Actuals do not match in Staff Module or Classic


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The Total Actuals do not match the TSV view of Total Actuals 

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Find a Project with Assignments and Actuals posted
  2. Make note of when the actuals were posted
  3. Go to Staff module
  4. Open Column Panel
  5. Add Total Actuals under Totals>>Actuals
  6. Click on 'View Options' icon 
  7. Change -
    • Per Period Metrics to Actuals
    • Period to Months
    • Start & finish Date to cover when the Actuals were posted

Expected Results - The TSV for the months match the 'Total Actuals' column

Actual Results - The TSV columns are showing zero, but the 'Total Actuals' column shows the correct Actual total


Working as designed

The Unit of Measure default for MUX is in FTE


In the Modern UX 

  1. Go to your Account
  2. Click Settings>>General
  3. Change Unit of Measure to Hours

Additional Information

When comparing data between the Classic UI and the Modern UX, you will notice differences on Number type figures when the MUX Settings are set to FTE as unit. Set the units in MUX same as in Classic.