Alphabetical sorting of resource lookup doesn't reflect the language alphabet


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Czech alphabetical sorting of resource lookup doesn't reflect the language alphabets.
Correct order for Czech alphabets are as follows - A B C Č D E F G H CH I J K L M O P Q R Ř S Š T U V W X Y Z
When used in lookups the alphabet ordering is not followed.


1. In the Clarity Accounts Settings page, set Clarity 'Locale' for user to Czech and 'Language' to English.
2. Create a dynamic resource lookup using an out of the box query like this:

   SELECT  @SELECT:RESOURCES.ID:[email protected],
        @SELECT:RESOURCES.FULL_NAME:[email protected],
        @SELECT:RESOURCES.LAST_NAME:[email protected],
        @SELECT:RESOURCES.FIRST_NAME:[email protected],
        @SELECT:RESOURCES.UNIQUE_NAME:[email protected],
        @SELECT:RESOURCES.UNIQUE_NAME:[email protected],
        @SELECT:RESOURCES.LAST_UPDATED_DATE:[email protected]
    FROM    SRM_RESOURCES RESOURCES               
    WHERE   @[email protected]  
    AND     case when resources.user_id is null then 0 else resources.user_id end != -99             

3. Create a lookup attribute on Project object and associate the lookp created step two above. Also ensure the 'API Attribute ID' on attribute is populated.
4. In Clarity Classic, create a few Expense resource types eg: Čup, Cup, CHAIN, Hose, Řain, Šhuttle, Shuttle, Šteam (note the use of Czech characters in some of them).
5. In Clarity Modern UX, Go to the Project grid page then click on the lookup attribute created in step three above

Expected Results: The Resource list to be ordered correctly as per Czech alphabetical ordering

Actual Results:The Resource list is disordered and not according to Czech alphabetical ordering


Raised as defect id: DE61367


Release : 15.8.1

Component : CA PPM STUDIO


This is not a Bug. In order to get the Czech alphabet order, the user language must be set to Czech.

When the user language is set to Czech, it follows the same alphabet order