Roadmap Operating and Capital cost totals include entire project
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Roadmap Operating and Capital cost totals include entire project


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Post upgrade, the Roadmap Operating and Capital cost totals are showing for the entire project instead of just the roadmap period duration selected, even if sum of periods is used instead of grand totals. This happens for other fields such as Capacity as well. 


  1. Create a Roadmap with a Start Period for 2021 with a Duration of 1
  2. Go to the Grid view
  3. Create one new Roadmap item with a Start date of Jan 1, 2020 and Finish of Dec 31, 2021
  4. Add Totals field of Capacity to the column view
  5. Click on View Options and set the following:
    • Per-Period Metrics = Capacity
    • Periods = Quarters
    • Start Period = Roadmap Start
    • End Period = Roadmap Finish
    • Totals Column = Sum of Periods
  6. Add 500 for Capacity for each of the four quarters displayed (Totals for Capacity is now 2,000)
  7. Go back to View Options and make the following changes:
    • Remove Capacity from Per-Period Metrics
    • Change the Roadmap Start Period to 2021-Q3 (Leave End Period as Roadmap Finish)

Expected Results: Total Capacity displays as 1,000 (for the Q2 quarters selected from 2021-Q3 to end of 2021).

Actual Results: Total Capacity displays as 2,000 (includes the amount for the entire duration of the Roadmap item, instead of the selected periods)


Release : 15.9.2

Component : Clarity Roadmaps


This is caused by DE61591


Fixed in 15.9.3 as DE61591

Workaround: Add the respective per period metrics in View Options, then it will just show the duration for the period selected. 

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