From the Dynamic System Tables (DST), how to tell what URTs have a Datacom database open?


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Is there a Datacom Dynamic System Table (DST) that I can query to determine what URTs have a database open? When I attempt to close a database after an ACCESS OFF, the DB00607I message indicates that the base is open for read in a CICS region:

DB00607I - BASE dbid ACCESS OFF ACTIVE JOB(S) cicsjob(BASE IS OPEN READ) JOB- jobname NUMBER-nnnnn


A Datacom SQL request can be submitted against the DST named MUF_OPEN_BASES.

For example:


This will show the MUF_NAME, DBID, JOB_NAME, URT_DBID, URT_NUMBER and several other columns of information related to open databases. One row exists for every open URT. Refer to the CA Datacom/DB System Tables Reference Guide for additional information on the available DSTs.

Once you identify the open URT(s) associated with the DBID that you wish to close, you can use the Datacom CICS Services command to close each open URT:

      DBOC CLOSE=urt_number

Note: you could also identify the open URT(s) to be closed in the CICS region using the CICS Services command:

      DBOC INQ=???.???.dbid

Additional Information:

Refer to CA Datacom/DB System Tables Reference Guide




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