Cloud policies have an Alert icon after upgrading to DLP 15.8
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Cloud policies have an Alert icon after upgrading to DLP 15.8


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Data Loss Prevention


After upgrading to  Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) 15.8, the list of policies shows a warning symbol for several cloud-specific policies.

When drilling in to the policies, the alert reports "This policy has unresolved references, it may not be fully functional. Click here for details."

When clicking on the details it shows CASB Application(s) " are no longer available." 

All policies continue to function normally

The connection to the Cloud Service Gateway is good.


Data Loss Prevention 15.8


The common cause on Data Loss Prevention 15.8 is a Contextual Attribute rule.

When creating a new cloud policy with only the Contextual Attribute rule, a cloud policy immediately shows an alert icon.


Its a known concern on DLP 15.8, and is cosmetic only. The cloud policies continue to work as expected.
This issue is fixed in DLP 15.8 MP2. Customers can upgrade to DLP 15.8 MP2 to remove these unnecessary warnings.

Additional Information

There is a similar issue that is not resolved with the fix given above. For a description of that issue, please see DLP Cloud Policies have a Warning Alert about unresolved references (