Upgrading Workload Automation CA 7 r11.3 to r12.1
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Upgrading Workload Automation CA 7 r11.3 to r12.1


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CA 7 Workload Automation


If you are planning to upgrading CA 7 from 11.3 to r12.1, see the attached supplementary implementation document. This document describes the steps to install CA 7 r12.1 in a test environment and get the CA 7 r11.3 database converted to Datacom AD. 


The supplementary implementation document is not a replacement for the CA 7 Installing and Upgrading documentation. This is just to provide a simple roadmap for installing. Use attached document in conjunction with Installation documentation found at techdocs.broadcom.com. See additional information section below.




Additional Information

Use the following link to access the CA 7 Installing and Upgrading documentation:






1625156165712__CA Workload Automation CA 7 r12.1 install.docx get_app