Roadmaps Total Cost behavior if Per Period Metrics are selected
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Roadmaps Total Cost behavior if Per Period Metrics are selected


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What is the expected behavior of Cost if Per Periods are selected and Sum of Periods is used for Total columns? It seems you are unable to update the total amount of cost to 0 for a Roadmap Item using the grid view even if you enter 0 in the Total Capital Cost and/or Total Operating cost for a Roadmap Item. Some amount still remains in Total Cost.


Release : 15.9.2



If Total Columns in View Options is set to Sum of Periods and any of the related Per-Period Metrics values are selected in View Options, the Total values are displayed based on the Per Period Metrics Start Period and End Period (which default to the Roadmap Start and Roadmap Finish date) . For any project cost that does not fall within the periods set in View Options, that part of the project cost will not show in the separate totals fields such as Operating Cost, since it is outside the Start and End Period. Thus, it will not be taken into account when an update is made to the Operating Cost. 

Example: If Operating Cost is selected for Per-Period Metrics, then in Totals for Operating Cost, only the Operating Cost for the periods set as the Start Period and End Period display.  

If you want to see the entire cost, make sure to have the Start / End Period in View Options cover the entire date range of the projects.

Steps to do this:

  1. On the Roadmap Grid, click on View Options
  2. Update the Start / End Periods
  3. Alternatively, you can remove the Per Period Metrics fields in View Options. 

Note: This is similar to the behavior of 15.9.1, except in 15.9.1 you did not have the ability to adjust the dates in View Options, only from within the Roadmap details. Starting in 15.9.2 you can adjust the dates from View Options.

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