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Error - The DWH Date Different than the Transactional Database Date


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When running the Load DWH Job, it fails with: 

DWH Time Abort - The Data Warehouse Date is Different than the Transactional Database Date

Checked the database time between Clarity and Data Warehouse and it matches, what can be done to fix this.


Release : Any


  1. Go to Administration - Health Report (it may take a moment to run)
  2. Look in Database and Data Warehouse what the timezone is. In Phoenix UI you may have to scroll right to be able to compare the dates.
  3. You can then adjust the time/timezone manually and see if it displays correctly.
  4. If any changes on the application server, a restart may be necessary. 
  5. Then run Load Data Warehouse - Full Load

Additional Information

  • The time between app server, database server and DWH server should match, ideally to the second. This is required for the Load Data Warehouse job to run correctly. 
  • Over 10 seconds difference could trigger this error message
  • In order to ensure consistency it's recommended to not set time manually on servers rather use NTP for clock synchronization