Roadmap target with custom field not moving as investments are marked in plan
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Roadmap target with custom field not moving as investments are marked in plan


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Roadmap targets with a custom number attribute are not updating based on roadmap item / Investment data if View Options has Grand Totals set under Totals Column. I successfully "mapped" a custom number attribute to the roadmap. It shows on the Target dropdown in the grid as an option. However, when you add investments as in plan, nothing moves on the target. This is a standard number and not a calculated number.  

How do I get it to actually read the in target values to make the target "move/aggregate"?  I tried it as a goal as well and it did not work. 


  1. In Classic Clarity, go to Administration->Objects->Roadmap Item->Attributes
  2. Click New and enter the following:
    • Attribute Name
    • Attribute ID
    • Data Type = Number
    • API Attribute ID
    • Click Save
  3. In the Modern User Experience, click on Roadmaps
  4. Create a new Roadmap
  5. Go to the Roadmap Item Grid view and add the attribute created above to the column list view
  6. Click on View Options
    • Check the check box for Show Targets
    • From the Targets drop down, select the custom number attribute
    • Under Totals Columns, select Grand Totals
  7. Create a new roadmap item
    • Mark it In Plan
    • Add an amount in the custom number field (IE 1,000)
  8. View the Target amounts for the Custom Number field

Expected Results: Target is updated based on the roadmap item(s) values. (In above example, Target amount is 0, In Plan is 1,000 and Variance is -1,000)

Actual Results: Target is not updated. All values remain as 0 (for Target, In Plan, and Variance).


Release : 15.9.2



This is caused by: DE61161 and happens if Totals Columns in Roadmap Items is set to "Grand Totals"


This issue is fixed in 15.9.3 as DE61161

Workaround: Change Totals Columns in View Options to "Sum of Periods"

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