New UI Navigation buttons cutoff on smaller screens
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New UI Navigation buttons cutoff on smaller screens


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On a smaller screen or increased browser zoom, the navigation buttons on the left are cut off at the bottom and there is no way to scroll down to access them. The workaround would be to lower the zoom level, but that may be problematic for some users with vision limitations.

Cutoff:                                   Larger screen or lower zoom:



  1. Login to Modern User Experience (UX)
  2. Press "CTRL +" to zoom in or increase zoom via Browser config
  3. Note the center pane (project or other list is scrollable)
  4. Note the Menu Icons are cut off and cannot be reached

Expected Results: Menu Icons resize with browser zoom or screen size as needed
Actual Results: Menu icons are cutoff


Release : 15.9.2 and 15.9.3
Component : Modern UX Usability 


This was reported as DE61010.


In 15.9.2 and 15.9.3

This is a design limitation for these releases. 

Workaround: Decrease the zoom level on the web browser. For example: Google Chrome zoom level can be adjusted closer to 100% or lower.

Starting in 16.0

The left-hand navigation menu is now scrollable. To see additional navigation icons that don't display on your screen, you can use the new vertical scrollbar.