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IT Management Suite


This cumulative point fix contains fixes for SMP and other Solutions for issues provided to customers with ITMS 8.6 RTM (GA) until ITMS 8.6 RU1 is installed.

These are the fixes contained (each section contains its own set of fixes. Install those that you need from the respective zip files below)


ITMS 8.6


SMP (Symantec Management Platform) Cumulative Fixes:

Unable to add new OLEDB Data Source KB 215198
Office 2019 fails to update due to missing Proofing tools content in the package N/A
SVM21-019: unquoted search path vulnerability in Symantec Management Agent N/A
Unable to load saved searches after upgrade to ITMS 8.6. This join source does not have a dataField 'issecuritycloudmanaged' 210300

Download the file here: ""




WF (WorkFlow Solution) Cumulative Fixes:

None at the moment  



The following Workflow Solution pointfix, is not part of a cumulative pointfix and is only provided for the following specific issues:

Connection Context Reports in Workflow Error: Padding is invalid and cannot be removed.

The issue we are getting is that when we run the reports from the server (ProcessManager) the connection contex was created, the reports work fine, but, when we open the reports from the other ProcessManager node, we get this error:

"Padding is invalid and cannot be removed"

The same issue occurs with the AD Connection. If we search for a AD user from the ProcessManager (server) where the ADConnection was configured, we are able to find users, but, if we try the search from the other ProcessManager, we get the same error mentioned before. 

Error in Workflow Component IMAP4 List New.
Customer noticed that the EMail Monitor Process is getting only one mail per run.  Debugged the Project and found that the "IMAP4 List New" Component lists all mails in the inbox, but the EmailId is always the count of mails in the inbox. As the process further on references the mails by the EmailId, it happens that it only processes one, because the ID in every mail is the same. 

Error getting ProfileFieldValuesByReferenceID, ReferenceID=fec4bc62-075d-11ec-a31b-0050568b5a07 

Note: After applying the pointfix, Go to the WorkFlow server where the AD Sync profile was created, open ProcessManager console "Admin" -> "Active Directory" -> "Sync Profiles" -> click edit of existing Profile(s) and click "Save" so they will be recreated. After this, a user on the 2nd WF will see all AD Sync profile(s) in on the "Admin" -> "Active Directory" -> "Sync Profiles" page.


Download the file here: ""

"" is a separate "not cumulative" point fix. 


The following is a standalone Workflow Solution pointfix, is not part of a cumulative pointfix, and is only provided for the following specific issue (it doesn't require to install the fixes under "" either) :

Symantec Workflow Server service is started with ITMS installation and consumes up to 1.5 GB RAM

KB 225682

Download the file here: ""
Run pfinstaller2.exe as administrator

Additional Information

ITMS 8.6 POST RU1 Pointfixes

See 221269

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