Blanks in Per Period metrics for 0 ETC
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Blanks in Per Period metrics for 0 ETC


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You see blanks/nulls in Per Period metrics for 0 ETC in Modern UX /  Per Period Metrics show blanks for resources with no ETC

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in to a Clarity 15.9.2 application
  2. Create a new project covering the entire year 1-Jan to 31-Dec
  3. Assign several resources to it
  4. Assign them to a task covering at least few months
  5. Now go to Assignments module
  6. Configure Per Periods Metrics as follows (recommended parameters):



Project Start to Project Finish

Display Decimal for Numbers 0.00


  1. Now update the ETC for one resource in the per period metrics to be 0.00
  2. Ensure the total ETC has gone to 0 as well by refreshing the page

Expected Results: 0.00 to show for the entire row, for all months for this resource

Actual Results: The row for this resource now displays blanks only instead of 0.00. It only does this if the entire row is set to 0.00. If you enter any data for ETC on any of the months for this resource, the 0.00 values appear


Release : 15.9.2 and higher


This was reviewed as DE60809, determined to be Not A Bug (By design):

  • This is the desired behavior.
  • If there is NO VALUE (null) we show a blank instead of a zero. 
  • We do this for scalar and TSV values. 
  • For the Time-varying fields, when there is NO Curve data, that is considered a null value.
  • Once you have some segment data, you now will see zeros across the row. 

Please inform the Project Managers that the 0.00 will display as blank.