Static Dependent lookup won't show any values in the Modern UX


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Question on why one lookup won't show any values in the Modern UX. We had a similar problem before and we cannot find anything wrong with this lookup (IDs or old lookups in the db, though we could have missed something). This lookup is unique, issue exists in 15.9. The lookup goes to a custom lookup attribute on the project object. It has 4 levels, thus the user chooses the lowest level. In the Modern UX, this lookup won't show any values on the screen and does not show anything on the dropdown. The lookup works in Classic.

1. Create Static Dependent Lists Lookup with at least three levels.
2. Go to Values tab and create three values using the same code/id for the first and third values of the first level and third level in the lookup.
3. Associate the lookup to an attribute. Configure first level as the entry level and third level as the exit level.
4. Add the attributes to list or properties view in the Modern UX.
5. Click on the dropdown to select a value.

Expected Results: Values are presented for selection and listed in the dropdown.

Actual Results: Values for selection are not presented in the list and the list displays - - None - - in the dropdown.

Note: the issue does not happen in Classic UI and the values are present in the Classic UI.



This is caused by DE60407 


Clarity Application


This is fixed in 15.9.3