Roadmap attribute not saving due to API Attribute ID
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Roadmap attribute not saving due to API Attribute ID


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When syncing roadmap fields to project fields, the API attribute ID of the project attribute must match that of the roadmap item. However, I cannot create a roadmap item attribute with the same API Attribute ID as the project because the one in the project was created prior to the rule of having to have an underscore after the first letter and the API Attribute ID is grayed out / read only on the project object. What can I do to make the custom field appear in the roadmap?


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This can be due to the attribute being created at the investment object level, so the API Attribute ID would have to be changed at that level instead.


Steps to change the API Attribute ID from the Investment object:

  1. In Classic Clarity, go to Administration->Studio->Objects->Investments
  2. Click on the Attributes tab
  3. Click on the attribute and change the API Attribute ID

Important: Renaming an API Attribute ID can cause a couple of known issues, so there may be a need to do some reconfiguration in Blueprints and/or views where this field already exists. More details at: New UX - API naming convention change issues with Blueprints / syncing attributes in Roadmaps

Additional Information

For out of the box attributes, these aren't able to be modified. One option to work around this would be by creating a custom attribute and process, see steps below. 

  1. Create a new custom attribute with the same API Attribute ID on the project and roadmap item objects
  2. Then create a custom process to copy the value from the OOTB attribute to the custom attribute so that can be synced to roadmaps