Error: "Password reset is not allowed for this user" Federated/SSO user login
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Error: "Password reset is not allowed for this user" Federated/SSO user login


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You are unable to login into the Broadcom Portal and are unable to reset the password for the Support Portal.

Error: "Password reset is not allowed for this user"

This article guides Federated/SSO (Rally/Clarity/SES/WSS) users.



Federated/SSO (Rally/Clarity/SES/WSS) customers having company IDP login integrated with Broadcom Login Portal.


Follow the below to avoid this issue:

  1. Login into the product URL {Clarity URL/Rally (via Rally Tile or link you use to access Rally via Federation), WSS/SES product landing page} with your credentials. Always start a new login session.
  2. Once logged into the company Clarity/Rally portal or SAAS product URL (SES/WSS), open a new tab in the same browser.
  3. Enter the link in the new tab.
  4. Once entered there the page will auto-authenticate based on your product console credentials and you will be logged in.

NOTE: If you are a Rally product user and unable to access the Broadcom Support Portal using the normal federated user authentication process the user is most likely a Rally Sub-Admin or is on the exception list for that subscription. In those cases, a user will not be redirected.

So, the user needs to log in to Rally via Okta, not a local account, as they are federated for Rally. After logging into Rally via Okta, they need to open a new page to

Below are the steps:

  1. Access your Company Okta page and click the Rally Tile.
    Rally Page Dashboard
  2. In a new tab in the same browser, access the Broadcom Support Portal

Also, note that it is very rare for a Rally user to log into the Okta dashboard and click on the Rally tile. Almost all Rally users authenticate via federation and land directly into Rally itself.

If you don't have access to the Clarity/Rally application, please reach out to your internal  Admin to get access.

Need further assistance?  Contact Contact Broadcom support.