Manual Sort on static dependent lookups only sorts the first 25 records in the MUX.


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SUMMARY: Manual Sort order on static dependent lookups displays the values sorted for the first 25 records only in the Modern UX. 


 1. Connect to Clarity UI - Administration - Lookups

 2. Create a new Static Dependent Lookups (attached XOG file to make it easy to reproduce)

 3. Now go to Administration - Objects - Project

 4. Add a new attribute, based on this lookup, enter the API Alias as well

 5. Now go to New UX - Blueprints

 6. Edit - add the new attribute to the view on the PROPERTIES (DETAILS) page 

 7. Now create a new project or use a project on this Blueprint

 8. Open the PROPERTIES and browse for this attribute

 9. Same behavior on the sorting can be observed on the Grid

Note: Even if sorting Alphanumeric it is only does it for the first 25 records.

Expected Results: The values to show in Manual Sort Order as set up in Studio. 

Actual Results: The values of the first 25 records show only in manual Sort Order. 

Workaround: None.



This is caused by DE60161


Release : 15.9.1

Component : CA PPM STUDIO


This is fixed in 15.9.3.