Roadmap Metrics: Adding Custom Attributes
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Roadmap Metrics: Adding Custom Attributes


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Is there a way to display a custom attribute as a metric on the roadmap timeline view? If not, are there any work arounds? I want to add a custom attribute to the metrics list similarly to how you can add capacity as a metric, but I don’t see any of the custom attributes available in the metrics list.


Release : 15.8.1, 15.9, 15.9.1



For 15.9.1 and lower

Calculated attributes are only supported for out of the box attributes. However, it's possible to add custom attributes to the Metrics, that are number, percent or money types. (See Define Metrics for Roadmap Items for more details).

For 15.9.2 and higher

You can now select calculated number attributes as metrics in the Timeline layout and as Targets in the Grid. As in prior releases, it's possible to also add custom attributes to the Metrics, that are number, percent or money types. See Enhancements to Roadmaps for more details on new features available for Roadmaps in 15.9.2.

To add a custom attribute:

  1. Create a new attribute on the Roadmap Item object using one of the supported data types. Ensure the attribute has an API Attribute ID.
  2. If you are currently logged into the New UX, log out and log back in
  3. Go to a Roadmap and then click on the Timeline view. 
  4. Click on View Options and select the custom attribute from the Metrics drop down
  5. You can manually add data into the attributes for each roadmap item

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