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retrieve in a private cloud environment


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For debugging reasons the Blazemeter support department may often require the and for one or more engines that ran a test. Normally they can easily be downloaded from the logs tab of the Blazemeter report. However in a private cloud environment, only the is listed and can be downloaded from the GUI. How to get hold of the


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Although the is not listed in the logs tab, there is a way to retrieve it and make it available to the support department, if asked for. Here is how:

  1. Go to the report and determine the masterID. It is listed in the URL right behind masters/, e.g. for the report the masterID is 33596909
  2. Build a URL from the private cloud host and the masterID: https://<PChost>/api/v4/masters/<masterID>/files   In above example the URL would be
  3. Browse to that URL in Chrome or Firefox. The result lists the location of the, e.g.

4. Use the "link" to build the URL to download the from by pasting it behind the <PChost>. In above example it would result in

5. Once you enter that URL in your browser, it will download the

Additional Information

A test may run on multiple load generators concurrently. If you or the Support department is interested in the of a particular session, you may have to scroll in the output of step 3. to get to the right session.