Error "API-1007..." uploading attachment for some users
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Error "API-1007..." uploading attachment for some users


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If you are a Non-admin user, you cannot upload file attachments to a child object of the Project object in the Modern User Experience (UX)
You get an error:  "API-1007: You are not authorized to process this request"

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. In Studio, create a new object called: "Client" that has "Project" as its Master Object
    API enabled =  Yes
  2. Go to Attributes and create the Attachment Data Type - 'Client Attachment' 
  3. Continue to the Views Tab, select 'General', [Layout Edit] 
    Include the "Client Attachment" attribute
    'Publish the views
  4. Open a Project in the Classic UI and go to the Properties tab drop-down and select the "Client List" subpage
  5. Create a new Client and notice that it will allow you to upload a file attachment.
    This does not work in the Modern UX.
  6. Log in to the Modern UX
  7. Go to Administration,  Blueprints
  8. Edit or copy an existing blueprint
  9. Under the Modules tab, click Edit
  10. Bring over the 'Clients' sub-object module
  11. Publish
  12. On the Blueprint List form (http://serverName/pm/#/admin/blueprints) drag over an existing Template to the Blueprint you just created
  13. Go to the 'projects' grid
  14. Create a new Project From Template (selecting the one you modified)
  15. Go to the 'Clients' Module (Tab) and click the plus sign to create a new client
  16. Try to upload a file attachment and you will receive an error: 'API-1007: You are not authorized to process this request'  
     The same user can upload attachments to 'Clients' in Classic, but not in the Modern UX

Expected Results: Users with access should be able to upload attachments in Modern UX to child objects of Project. 

Actual Results: Users receive an API-1007 error when trying to upload attachments to child project objects in the Modern UX. 


Release : 15.9.1, 15.9.2



This is caused by a defect DE59856 with the permissions in the Modern UX when a user only has instance level rights to the sub object.


Fixed in 15.9.3.

Workaround: Assign Edit Global level Access rights to the object for the user.

Additional Information

See also: API errors - known causes for Clarity