DX App Synthetic Monitor SaaS - IP Addresses to whitelist
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DX App Synthetic Monitor SaaS - IP Addresses to whitelist


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In an effort to improve the stability of our solution we are undergoing a process to add and replace several monitoring stations with more reliable providers.

Please refer to this maintenance post on Service Status for more information including the maintenance dates.


If you are leveraging any of these affected stations, please ensure you whitelist the new server IPs or make any necessary changes to continue monitoring without any interruptions. IPs are listed below:

New Servers

New Server IP Location
cobog01.watchmouse.net Colombia, Bogota
memex01.watchmouse.net Mexico, Mexico City
dubae01.watchmouse.net United Arab Emirates, Dubai
uslax09.watchmouse.net Los Angeles, California

Replacement Servers

Replacement Server IP Location Retired Station Retired Station IP
deber02.watchmouse.net Germany, Berlin deber01.watchmouse.net
iedub04.watchmouse.net Ireland, Dublin iedub03.watchmouse.net
itmil02.watchmouse.net Italy, Milan itmil01.watchmouse.net
jptok03.watchmouse.net Japan, Tokyo jptok02.watchmouse.net
mykul03.watchmouse.net Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur mykul02.watchmouse.net
noosl04.watchmouse.net Norway, Oslo noosl03.watchmouse.net
sesto03.wathcmouse.net Sweden, Stockholm sesto02.watchmouse.net
zacpt03.watchmouse.net South Africa, Cape Town zacpt02.watchmouse.net
zajnb02.watchmouse.net South Africa, Johannesburg zajnb01.watchmouse.net
zajnb02.watchmouse.net South Africa, Johannesburg zadur01.watchmouse.net
ussfo01.watchmouse.net United States, San Francisco usscz04.watchmouse.net
uahke01.watchmouse.net Ukraine, Kiev uahrk02.watchmouse.net
thbkk03.watchmouse.net Thailand, Bangkok thbkk02.watchmouse.net
iljsr01.watchmouse.net Jerusalem - IL ilktm02.watchmouse.net