IMPORTANT - Security enhancements to the end-user experience


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Please be advised, there will be important changes made to the customer experience when leveraging for file sharing purposes.


To further improve our security posture as it pertains to current FTP functionality, the following security enhancements will be made:

  • The FTP protocol currently used for download file sharing will be converted to HTTPS and FTPS.
  • Anonymous users will no longer have access to files hosted at 
  • Chorus Software Manager will continue to provide file download capabilities with no changes to the user interface.
  • The user experience will continue to be a seamless process for download file sharing.
  • Some customers may be required to open their internal firewalls to allow FTPS protocol ports. 
  • The above changes to will take effect Feb 28, 2021.

We’re confident this change will provide a more secure and reliable customer experience ensuring we remain closely aligned with Broadcom security standards. 

Thank you, 

Broadcom Support