Gantt locking Projects for one User
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Gantt locking Projects for one User


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Every time a user enters into PPM Gantt on a couple of projects there appears to be a draft of changes and the project automatically locks. They are unable to "Discard changes" or save them.

On the Gantt, it shows a message "Tentative Schedule" but the user cannot edit the schedule. The issue doesn't happen for other users on the same project.

We can clear the locks temporarily from security.locks, but each time the user clicks on the Gantt, the project is locked again. 


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This can happen if a related project in the project's hierarchy is in draft mode (due to a change such as a baseline, tentative schedule, etc that hasn't been saved or published)

If you do not finish the change in a Gantt chart and don't update the schedule, it will affect all projects in the Parent-child relationship for all those projects.


  1. Log in as the user with the issue.
  2. Check the Gantt for all projects associated with the project(s) being locked to see if any of them have a pending save / or a tentative schedule.
    • To check which projects are part of the project tree:

      1. Go to the hierarchy for a problem project.
      2. From the Hierarchy tab, select 'Parents' to see any parent projects as well. 
  3. Save any pending changes / publish any tentative schedules (or delete them if not needed). 

Additional Information

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