MUX: Lookup displays no values for some users


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In the Clarity Modern UX (MUX) a project parameterized lookup does not show any values to some users.

The affected users can see the field and its pre-selected value, but when trying to change its value, the lookup does not display any value.

The same user does not have problems in the Classic UI.


A referenced object on the parameterized lookup has got Field Level security (FLS) and the user experiencing the issue is not part of the user groups that have access to the secured attribute.

This scenario is caused by DE59574


This is fixed in 15.9.2

Prior releases:

  1. Edit the parameterized lookup behind the affected lookup attribute
  2. Note the attributes referenced on the query
  3. Modern UX > Administration > Attributes
  4. Look to the attributes that do have FLS (Field Level security) enabled.
  5. If those are referenced on the lookup query, grant access to the affected users

Note: The log file also states what the culprit field is. This is the one that has got FLS behind

Additional Information

The app-ca.log file shows the following entry:

ERROR 2021-01-05 17:01:38,414 [http-nio-8443-exec-9438] (clarity:my_user:11606400__C11BFE9E-7777-4DFA-BDEB-6FECB7141685:PPM_REST_API) LookupFilterParser :: The lookup [Z_MY_LOOKUP] filter [((searchText startsWith '%') and (param_fact = '4040') and (param_uniquecode = '028477') and (param_pet_ass = null) and (param_platform = '5020027') and (objectApiAlias = 'projects') and (objectInstanceId = 5127030) and (dynLookupParams = ('param_correspo = z_corresponsability')) and (param_correspo = 4039) )] attribute[param_correspo] has invalid value [4039].

On the browser trace you see a similar error to:

{resourceId: null, httpStatus: "400",…}
errorCode: "api.errFilterString"
errorMessage: "API-1013 : Invalid filter string '((searchText startsWith%.....'. Each expression must start and end with parentheses and must have attributeName, operator and value.'
httpStatus: "400"
resourceId: null