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Jaspersoft Reports Cancelled after Upgrade


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Jaspersoft reports scheduled from Reports and Jobs are cancelled after the PMO Accelerator upgrade. This issue does not happen if the reports are scheduled from Advanced Reporting.


  1. Schedule the PMO report (Example Missing Time) from Reports and Jobs for a time frame in the future
  2. Go to the PMO Accelerator Add-in (Administration->Content Add-Ins-> Accelerator: Program Management Office)
  3. Click on the Items tab
  4. Install the following item: Missing Time (Job)
  5. Go to Home->Reports and Jobs
  6. From the Reports drop down, select Scheduled Reports
  7. View the status of the scheduled report

Expected Results: The report should be in scheduled status only

Actual Results: The scheduled report changes to canceled.


This issue is due to a defect DE59144.


Release : All Supported



This defect DE59144 is fixed in 15.9.1. 

Workaround: Manually reschedule the reports. (From Reports and Jobs it's not possible to resume cancelled reports or jobs.)

Until the issue is fixed, one suggestion is to XOG out the scheduled reports/jobs prior to upgrade, then XOG them in as new job definitions with the same parameters post upgrade.

Additional Information

Review Cancelled Jobs After Upgrade

Find out who Last Modified or Changed a Job - If the above isn't the cause of your issue.

This issue can still occur with below use case too 

  1. Schedule a report example (Data Warehouse Schema) from Clarity Reports and Jobs 
  2. With administrator privilege's navigate to Administration -->  Content Add-Ins --> Accelerator: Program Management Office (csk)
  3. Under Content Add -Ins search by Job name example (Data Warehouse Schema) 
  4. Click On the check box and and click on Install even though its installed and you will notice that your scheduled jobs is now in Cancelled State