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DX Infrastructure manager - How to disable/bypass the samesite cookies restriction in Google Chrome browser if you do not have access to chrome://flags URL?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Please consider the following scenario:

Due to security reasons, Our company has blacklisted chrome://flags URL, and we are unable to change the samesite cookies settings. 

So we are unable, for example, to apply the steps of the following article:

How to handle this limitation?


UIM 20.3.x,20.4



There are 2 options available:

1- If you still want to use Google Chrome, you can use the procedure described in documentation (please refer to the "optional settings" section in the bottom of the page):

As the documentation states, please have in mind that this is only valid if the Operator Console URL and the CABI URL can be accessed with the same domain and sub-domain:

2- You can use Mozilla Firefox browser. Its default configurations will work with CABI contents in DX Infrastructure Management.

For reference, here are the default samesite configurations in Firefox (83.0 version):