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Accessing Clarity SaaS Service Status page


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Support Portal Clarity PPM SaaS


The Broadcom Service Status provides transparency around service availability and performance for Broadcom software products.

Clarity SaaS service notifications have been transitioned to Broadcom Service Status. This service can be accessed by navigating to the security-controlled Clarity Status page

All future communications regarding your Clarity SaaS environment will come from the Broadcom Service Status page. In order to continue to receive these notifications, follow the steps listed in the Resolution section of this article.


All Clarity SaaS Environments


  1. Navigate to the Clarity Status page
  2. Login to the status page using one of the following methods:
    • Use basic authentication (aka Non Federated SSO) to login to your Clarity SaaS
    • Login to the Clarity status page using your Broadcom support ID


    • If you use Federated SSO (aka SSO) to login to Clarity SaaS, you will first need to login to Clarity using one of the supported browsers and then open the Clarity Status page in another tab in the same browser
    • If you are requesting access on behalf of a customer, attach the approval email from the customer along with the information requested and raise a ticket using the customer's Site ID. 
    • If you receive "Permission Denied" error after logging in to the Clarity Status page. you will need to raise a support ticket with our Customer Care Team at Broadcom support, requesting access to the Clarity Status page. The support ticket should contain the following information:
      • Email addresses used to login to
      • Clarity Tenant ID (begins with CPPM)

     3. Once you are successfully authenticated, validate that you can see your Clarity SaaS environments Group ID as follows:


    • You can opt for one or more of the following notification methods, in addition to the default email subscription that you are automatically subscribed to. To opt for additional notifications click on the "Subscribe" button at the top of the page. Options for additional notifications include:
       SMS: get SMS notifications when there are new, or updates to existing, incidents
       WebHook: notifications are HTTPS POST requests that are sent to registered endpoints. 
       Slack: get notifications directly into Slack
       RSS/Atom: get the Atom Feed or RSS Feed on each of the product profile pages.
    • Ensure your network team has whitelisted the new Clarity status notification sender email address ([email protected]) for proper delivery of future emails.