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MSP: Status Date changes aren't saving back to As of Date in Clarity


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When updating the Status Date in Microsoft Project (MSP), the change isn't saved back to the As of Date field in Clarity for the project. 

If you change the As of Date in Clarity, this correctly maps to the Status Date in MSP.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. In Clarity, create a project, and set the As of Date to 11/19/20
  2. Open a project in MSP
  3. Click on the Project tab
  4. Change the Status Date to 12/15/20
  5. Save the project to Clarity
  6. View the As of Date

Expected Results: As of Date is displayed as 12/15/20

Actual Results:  As of Date is displayed as 11/19/20 (Change from MSP isn't reflected to correctly)


Release : 15.8



This issue is no longer reproducible in Clarity 15.9 (using the MSP Driver for 15.9)


  1. Change the As of Date in Clarity


     2. Create a mapping between MSP and Clarity for the As of Date field (Example, Date10 in MSP map to As of Date in Clarity) and then update the Date10 field

    1. Clarity, go to Administration->Project Management->MSP Field Mapping
    2. Click New to create a new map
    3. Add the following information:
      • Object Type: Project
      • Data Operation: Import And Export
      • Clarity Attribute ID: prAsOf
      • MSP Field Name: Date10 (or any date field not currently being used)
    4. Click Save and Return


  • If you use the second workaround, you can still update the Status Date in MSP so that task status reflects on the desired date, but you would also need to update the Date10 field as will to save the date back to Clarity.
  • The custom mapping from As of Date field in Clarity to the MSP Date field will no longer work in Clarity 15.9 (and no longer required), so when upgrading, also delete the custom mapping created above. The users will be able to save from Status Date to As of Date and vice versus without the map.

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