UIM 20.3 list reports and PRD replacement
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UIM 20.3 list reports and PRD replacement


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


As the Listview portlet and the PRD (performance report designer) are removed from UIM 20.3 we are searching for an alternative in the new non-flash version of UIM. 

What is the replacement for the listviewer,listdesigner and PRD UMP portlets? 


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - Operator Console


This is only for 20.3.x.




For 20.4 we have added PRD back to UIM. See Working with Performance Reports Designer (broadcom.com)
For 20.3x read on.

•  The Enhanced List views built in the HTML 5 Dashboards (Operator Console) were developed to replace the flash lists. 

The following features were introduced:

- Features added to support List Designer:
- Provide ‘Export data’ option on the list/custom SQL table grids within Dashboard Designer.
- Allow users to select Target in list views.
- Allow users to select QOS (like List Designer) in List Configuration.
- “List Configuration” enhancements w.r.to usability aspects.
- Scroll pane
- contextual navigation
- resizable Windows 





•  The replacement of PRD is built in the OC (Metrics palette)


Select a device or group, then click the metrics icon. 

Use the Edit Metrics ( Edit Metrics Icon ) icon in the Metrics palette to add more metrics to the view.


Additional Information

UIM 20.3 Documentation: 

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UIM 20.4 and above
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