How can users respond to Symantec Encryption Management Server via Web Email Protection?  


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Symantec Encryption Management Server (SEMS) via Web Email Protection (WEP) allows secure messages to be sent to external recipients who do not have any encryption solution to decrypt.  This allows sensitive information to be emailed to a recipient and the recipient can open the messages without having to install any security software for decryption.  When these secure WEP messages are sent, the recipient can then login to a secure inbox and respond back to the original sender list.  Although the Inbox for WEP appears as a typical inbox, it does not allow emails to be sent to other recipients who were not part of the original recipient list.  They can send email to internal users, however, they cannot send email to other secure WEP users.


In order to communicate with other WEP users, request the internal user to include all needed recipients so that everyone in the "TO" list can see responses that are made to Symantec WEP replies.