Error "RPT-0020" running reports - troubleshooting / known issues


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This article provides some tips as well as known issues related to RPT-0020



The below information can help in narrowing down the root cause:

  1. Determine if it is all reports or certain reports.
  2. Are the reports impacted custom and/or out of the box?
  3. Where does the issue happen (Reports and Jobs and / or Advanced Reporting)?
  4. Does it happen for reports run immediately or scheduled? (or both). (This can be helpful especially if issue is happening in reports and jobs.)
  5. Review of the following logs can help uncover root cause: 
    • app-ca.logs
    • bg-ca.logs (for Reports and Jobs scheduled reports and Advanced Reporting issues)
    • Check Jasperserver logs from scheduler nodes (For On Premise customers only, SaaS customers, please contact Broadcom support)
  6. Reproducing the issue in another method (example: scheduled versus immediate, can help uncover an error that wouldn't be found other wise)
  7. Check the list of known issues below and self service for known issues based on symptoms/errors found in logs
  8. Where there any recent changes (including updates to permissions, reports, or an upgrade) that may have impacted the issue? 
  9. If assistance is needed from Broadcom, providing the above information can help expedite a solution

Known Issues

If the below information doesn't help, we also recommend utilizing our self service (See Known Clarity issues: Tips in using Self Service) as this may not be an all inclusive list.

Additional Information

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