Generic Clarity Error/Display issues - Troubleshooting


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This is a general guide to help in troubleshooting generic issues including:

  • Issues happening on one certain browser or workstation
  • General Display Errors/Issues


Below is not an all inclusive list. It's recommended to search based on your specific error/issue/symptom as well, but if nothing is found, these are some general troubleshooting steps that can help. 

See also How to search for known Clarity issues using self-service.

Troubleshooting Step Notes Related Links

Try with another browser or a different workstation first to see if it's browser/workstation specific

Use Incognito/Private Browsing/InPrivate mode to check for problem extensions
  • If this works, it indicates an issue with a browser extension
  • Try to disable one browser extension at a time, close out of the browser, and see if the issue still happens to narrow down a possible extension with the issue
  • Note: With Incognito/Private Browsing/InPrivate modes some extensions might still be running with those depending on your configuration.
    • Please check your browser's documentation for your version on how to use these modes.

Run with browser's Safe Mode / No Add-on modes to see if something additional connected to the browser is causing an issue.


Try clearing browser cache


Check the Clarity app-ca.logs for any warnings/errors / enable additional debugging



Enable Dev Tools (browser trace) to see if any information display to help point to root cause


Is this happening in a customized UI Theme? 

If yes, test with out of the box theme to see if that works, at least for short term  


Additional Information

See also How to search for known Clarity issues using self-service.

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