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This is a general guide to help in troubleshooting generic issues including:

  • Issues happening on one certain browser or workstation
  • General Display Errors/Issues


Below is not an all inclusive list. It's recommended to search based on your specific error/issue/symptom as well, but if nothing is found, these are some general troubleshooting steps that can help. 

See also Known Clarity issues: Tips in using Self Service.

Step 1: Try with another browser or a different workstation 

Try with another browser/workstation first to see if it's browser/workstation specific

Step 2: Use Incognito/Private Browsing/InPrivate mode

Use this mode to check for problem extension. If the issue doesn't happening in this mode, it indicates an issue with a browser extension. 

  • Try to disable one browser extension at a time, close out of the browser, and see if the issue still happens to narrow down a possible extension with the issue
  • Note: With Incognito/Private Browsing/InPrivate modes some extensions might still be running with those depending on your configuration.
  • Please check your browser's documentation for your version on how to use these modes

Step 3: Run with browser's Safe Mode / No Add-on modes

Run with browser's Safe Mode / No Add-on modes to see if something additional connected to the browser is causing an issue.

Step 4: Try clearing browser cache

See KB: Clearing Cache / Restarting Services for Error 500 and other Issues

Step 5: Check the Clarity app-ca.logs

Review the app-ca.logs for any warnings/errors / enable additional debugging

See KB: Debugging/logs for troubleshooting Clarity Issues

Step 6: Enable Dev Tools (browser trace) 

Enable developer tools to see if any information displays to help point to root cause

Step 7: Is this happening in a customized UI Theme? 

If yes, test with out of the box theme to see if that works, at least for short term

Step 8: Check the following index articles

If you are seeing one of the below errors, click on the applicable KB below:

Additional Information