Multi-valued lookups are not being synced in Roadmaps
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Multi-valued lookups are not being synced in Roadmaps


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Multivalued Lookups are not synced with Roadmap Items.  How can this be done?


Release : 16.0.2


This is a feature new in 16.0.2


To sync a Multi Valued Lookup between investments/projects/ideas, etc.. and Roadmaps

1- Open the project object and note the name, id and API id of the MVL attribute

2- Open the Roadmap Item object and add the same attribute there, using the same name, id and API id.

3- Synchronize the linked items from the roadmap

You should now see the attribute under Configure to be added when looking at a linked roadmap item.

Additional Information

Enhanced Roadmap Synchronization to Support Multi-Value Lookups
You can now synchronize the attributes of multi-value lookups to Roadmap items in Clarity. In the previous release, you could only synchronize single-value lookups. Perform the following actions:
Create a New Lookup mapping in Clarity.
Create a field mapping between these lookup fields to ensure data is synchronized.
Run the Synchronize Mapped Information job to synchronize values.
Use the Sync Linked Items capability in Roadmaps to synchronize the roadmap items with the associated Clarity investment.
Monitor the bg-ca.log if it fails to sync.
If you see an error like the following:
WARN  2022-06-28 17:07:35,908 [Dispatch RDM_ITEMS_SYNC : (tenant=clarity)] mappings.RoadmapItemAttrAssociation (clarity:admin::RDM_ITEMS_SYNC) Trying to map investment attribute inv_pid_associated with roadmap item attribute inv_pid_associated. Mapping is not successful as LookupType and isMultiValued properties must match
Ensure the Roadmap Item MVL Attribute exactly matches the Attribute on the Investment or other object.