Hardware Support Information for ATP 8880-30 and ATP 8840


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Advanced Threat Protection Platform


Hardware appliances ATP 8880-30 and ATP 8840 have been assigned End of Life (EOL) status as of April 29, 2020.  The software that runs on these appliances, ATP-Network (also sold as EDR Network Sensor) also were assigned EOL status on the same date. The previous KB article on the EOL of these hardware devices stated: “8840 has a 3-year maintenance, and 8880 has 5-year maintenance, which will be honored as part of this EOL effort.”

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Maintenance will continue to be honored for both the ATP 8880-30 and the ATP 8840.  Unlike the original contracts, which stated there would be an annual cost for maintenance until the end of the maintenance agreement, there is a change.    Customers with either an ATP 8880-30 and ATP 8840 appliances will receive their maintenance free of charge until the end of their maintenance agreements. To determine the remaining time on your maintenance contract:

  1. Navigate to support.dell.com
  2. In the "Search Support" box, type the service tag of the Dell based ATP or EDR appliance

Previous names:

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Platform 8880 model appliance, aka ATP8880

SATP:N8880 model appliance.

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