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Application environment variables are not shown in environments


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


We have two processes built using two different shared components. When we assign these two different processes to an environment (same) we see that often one of the parameter goes missing under environments.


As per review we can confirm that the current behavior, is working as per design. Please see the reason why it is working as per design and cause of the behavior.
Design Behavior
  1. When we create a new component or new shared component from the scratch via "Add ..." (not using "Share Component" or "Create Local Copy" ) and populate these components with parameters, we are creating parameters that we might call "Design parameters".
  2. These "Design parameters" have the new ROOT_UUID values generated and UUID-parameterId mapping saved in the parameter_mapping table.
  3. With calling "Share Component" or "Create Local Copy" actions we are creating the relevant entities and copying parameters (with the same ROOT_UUIDs  but new IDs).
  4. When the process is being published we are creating parameters in the published processes, the parameters have links to the "Design parameters" in the basic_parameter.design_id column (the parameter_mapping table is used to get "Design parameter" id by ROOT_UUID)
Summary: A shared component when created via local copy/cloning it will not result in generation of new ROOT _UUID for parameter instead it will be referencing to ROOT _UUID of parent component.


Release : 6.6, 6.7 or higher



The above mentioned cause is reason for the switch in component folder shown under Environment-> Parameter Configuration for environments, when 2 or more process from 2 or more shared components( where some of shared components are created as cloned or via create local copy ) are assigned to specific environment, irrespective of the name of component folder displayed on UI all the processes using the same parameter will get the value set at environment level as per design.

In case if there is a need to override the variable value for specific server type in an environment, it is already available feature and can be done as described below.