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Status Report Cost Metrics display more than 2 Decimals


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In the Modern UX,  the status reports module is displaying and publishing reports having between 0 and 20 decimal places in the Cost Metrics. These are dollar values and the standard should be two decimal places. The dollar sign is also not present. 

Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Secure the 'Currency Code' attribute for the Project Object in the Modern UX and select a group to give Edit/View access to that the user performing the remaining steps is not in. 
2. Create a project
3. Financially enable the project by associating it to a department and location. Also, associate it to a rate matrix. 
4. Staff a resource to the Team 
5. Change the allocation to an amount with various decimals - this is to increase the likelihood of the allocation cost to be calculated to an amount with various decimals
6. Create a Cost Plan by selecting the option: New from Investment Team
7. Submit the Cost Plan for approval
8. Approve the Budget Plan that is created
9. Open the Status Report in the Modern UX

Expected Results: The non-zero amounts in the Cost Metrics show the currency symbol and the amount with only two decimal places. (Ex: $146.97)

Actual Results: The non-zero amounts in the Cost Metrics do not show the currency symbol and the amount has more than two numbers after the decimal. (Ex: 146.97123)

Note: This is just one way to reproduce the problem. As long as the cost amounts come up to a value having more than 2 decimal places, the issue will occur. This applies to any value in the Cost Metrics in the Modern UX. 


Release : 15.8

Component : CA PPM Studio


Caused by DE57975


DE57975 has been fixed on version 15.9. 

Workaround: Make the 'Currency Code' attribute no longer be secure or grant view/edit rights to a group that the user is in. This can be done in the Modern UX under the Administration section.