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How Are Cost Plans Populated?


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What are some lines on the cost plan not editable?

How do cost plan detail population and editing work?



Planned (editable) and unplanned (non-editable) line items that appear in the cost plan details are by design, as it depends on how the cost plan detail were populated.

A1. Data displayed from Cost Plan "Populate from Team Allocation" method:

Planned,editable rows of

(planned) units = ALC (allocation)
(planned) cost = PPA_MATRIX_VALUES.actualcost (rate) x (planned) units
(planned) revenue = PPA_MATRIX_VALUES.rate (billing) x (planned) units

A2. Data displayed from Cost Plan "Populate from Task Assignments" method:

Planned, editable rows of

(planned) units =   sum of total ETC (estimates) +  total ACT (actuals)
(planned) cost = PPA_MATRIX_VALUES.actual cost (rate) x (planned) units
(planned) revenue = PPA_MATRIX_VALUES..rate (billing) x (planned) units

B. Both population methods will show unplanned,uneditable units/costs from PPA_WIP.

(actual) units = PPA_WIP.quantity
(actual) cost = PPA_WIP_VALUES.totalcost
(actual) revenue= PPA_WIP_VALUES.amount

C. Both population methods will show the grouping attributes.

The row with ‘actuals’ will only be editable if finds a matching grouping attribute value for generating ‘planned’ values.
When the ‘actual’ transactions posted into WIP have different values for the attributes used in the Cost Plan Grouping Attribute properties, the plan will have ‘unplanned’ or ‘uneditable’ rows.  This means that it is a row showing ‘actuals’ but is not a row created by the ‘population’ of ‘planned’ data.  This is an automatic row that shows up because actual transactions exist with grouping values that do not match any of the ‘planned’ rows.

NOTE: To enable these ‘actual’ rows for planning (editing), click the "Add" button on the Cost Plan Details page and pick the same values as the ones in the grouping attributes for the unplanned (actuals) row.


Additional Information

If unable to edit or delete line items in the financial cost plan, it is due to the logic above.

Actual units and costs from (PPA_WIP) are populated in the cost plan when the financial module is used. The following jobs will need to be ran in sequential order:
1. Post Timesheets 
2. Post Transactions to Financials
3. Post To WIP (This will populate the cost plan with actual units/cost).


Refer to article describing cost plan population for prior periods

Cost Plan 'Planned' calculations for past periods