Default Department OBS not assigned if not displayed
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Default Department OBS not assigned if not displayed


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A default value is assigned to the Department OBS field on an "Idea". The "Department OBS" field is configured to not display on the Idea "Create" view, but it displays on the Edit view. If the field isn't present on the "Create" view, then the default value is not assigned to the new Idea. It only works correctly if the field is present on the "Create" view.


  1. Open the "Idea" Object, and go to the "Attributes" tab.
  2. Open the "Department OBS" Attribute, and in the "Default" field assign a default OBS. Save and Return.
  3. On the same Object go to the "Views" tab, and click "Layout: Create"
  4. Under "Organizational Breakdown Structures" remove "Department OBS", then save and return.
  5. Create a new Idea. The OBS field will not display on the Create page. On the Edit page, the OBS field will be blank.
  6. If you do not perform step 4 the OBS will automatically populate with the default.

Expected Results: The default should assign for the attribute even if it isn't displayed on the page.

Actual Results: The default is only getting assigned if it displays on the page for the Department OBS, and perhaps other fields.


Release : 15.7.1, 15.8, 15.8.1, 15.9

Component : Clarity Studio


Caused by DE56545.


Fixed in 15.9.2, as well as

Additional Information

See also Department OBS is being reset to the default regardless of whether there is a value set