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MSP Integration: New Update Actuals button impact


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  • After upgrading our MSP interface, we see the package has a new feature update actuals button on the CA PPM Integration ribbon in MSP.
  • Will there be any impact in using this while we are using bidirectional option in MSP? 
  • Can this feature be removed?


Release : 15.7.1 and higher



  1. This new field was created for use with the new one way direction integration feature, but it wouldn't have an impact if any users click it using the bidirectional integration.
    • This feature is used in the case of one way integration to be able to import actuals from Clarity into MSP. This allows the option to at least import actuals if track mode for the project is set to Other or PPM
    • If you are using the bidirectional method, actuals area already automatically exported to MSP, so clicking this button wouldn't make any difference
    • If the user accidentally clicks this feature if using the bidirectional option. Users first get the following warning:
      • Updating Actuals is incompatible with selecting specific tasks for one way integration in this version.

  • If the user clicks Yes incorrectly, there is no impact, they get the following message which informs them of the correct process to follow if using bidirectional, which is to reopen the project to get the latest data:
      • "Update Actuals" is only intended for use with the One-Way Microsoft Project integration method. To update actuals for other methods (Bidirectional, etc.), (re-)open this project from the integration menus or from withing Clarity."
  1. There's no way to remove this button.

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