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Delete Duplicate Timesheets Job - how to schedule it? Best practices on using Delete Duplicate Timesheets job


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We are trying to schedule the Delete Duplicate Timesheets job, and it looks like it requires the Timesheet ID to be entered in advance: 

Can you please let us know how to schedule this job
without providing a Timesheet ID or recommended way to use this job? 


Release : and higher. This is a new job included starting and 15.8. 



The Delete Duplicate Timesheets job is designed in a way that the Clarity admin is able to identify and delete the duplicate timesheets by themselves. However we did not want to just delete behind the scenes without someone actually reviewing and taking the decision. So this is why the steps to follow are now as follows:

  1. Before running the Post Timesheets job (say every Friday) as Clarity Administrator go in Clarity
  2. Connect to Home - Reports and Jobs - open Delete Duplicate Timesheets job
  3. Click on the Timesheet ID Browse icon
  4. The resulting portlet will return ANY duplicate Non-Posted timesheets in the system and then you can select the ones you want to delete and run the job with this ID
  5. Once all duplicate timesheets are deleted, you may safely run Post Timesheets job

Note: If the Duplicate Timesheets portlet that opens with Browsing in the Timesheet ID job parameter does NOT display any entries, this means you do not have any duplicates and you may safely run the Post Timesheets job. Example: 

At this moment the functionality to run the job scheduled without providing the Timesheet ID is not available. If you think this could be useful, please bring it to our Product Management Office hours call as enhancement.